New Beginnings

I'm so excited to have a new webpage designed by Kedar Joyner.  

I met Kedar when she met my daughter, Erin, in kindergarten. They both became fast friends, and our families did too. 

While Kedar was at my studio taking photos she spoke of the childhood times spent in my old Victorian house exploring the attic, playing with the Scotty dog in the garden, and wild imaginations. It made me so happy knowing that she had such fond memories of her time spent with my family. 

Family, friends, home, and travels are so important. Tradition and history, storytelling and laughter are all part of the fabric that is woven to make us who we are.

When I design jewelry, I like it to look as if it has traveled a bit, as if it has been well loved, as if it has a history behind it. Often times the materials I use have those qualities; ancient beads from Rome, trade beads from all corners of the earth, Tibetan prayer beads, and old coins. Antique buttons and charms. 

I am a builder of jewelry, and I hope you enjoy my designs.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or ideas you would like to share.





Carol Becker